Welcome to The Manhattan Libertarian Party

The Manhattan Libertarian Party campaigns for smaller, limited government, restrained fiscal policy, personal choice and individual responsibility, tolerance, and a disciplined foreign policy.

For current content and news —

  • The Rising Tide of 2016 The “Two Majors” having chosen their presidential candidates — alarming many and disappointing many more — disaffected Republicans and Democrats are looking away, looking for another way . . . a third way . . . a Third Party . . . a candidate who is neither the embodiment of the entrenched, rigged, politics-as-usual Establishment, nor a loose-lipped loose cannon.  The major media is catching on.  At “The Rising Tide” we track the crescendo of major media mentions of the Libertarian Party and our candidates.
  • Serf City News:  the classic MLP publication of legacy editorial content

Run for office . . . Yes, you can

Let’s get together — the MLP meets the Second Tuesday each month, at 7pm, at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140 Second Avenue, between 9th Street and St. Mark’s Place . . . and informally gathers for “Liberty Happy Hour” on the Fourth Tuesday each month, 7pm, at the Manhattan Fitzpatrick Hotel, Lexington Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets (at the rear, opposite the bar) . . . visit http://www.meetup.com/NY-Libertarians/  for updates.