NYC Libertarian Party Convention

Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Time: 7:00-10:00 pm
Location: 62 Orchard St.
How to get in: Located above “International Mens Clothiers.” Enter through glass door. Press on “bell” on the panel. Studio Exhibit 2nd floor.
Admission: Free

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We will nominate candidates for Mayor, Public Advocate, and Comptroller. Nominations will be taken from the floor. Link to agenda.

Declared Candidates:
Stacey Prussman
Candidate for Mayor

There is still time to become a candidate. Petitioning starts April 13. Run for borough president, district attorney, or city council. Contact us at or fill out the form.

We will need many volunteers to get our candidates on the ballot. If you cannot volunteer, please consider making a donation to the Manhattan LP.

Our candidates:

Michael Lewyn
Candidate for Manhattan Borough President

Suraj Jaswal
Candidate for City Council District 25 (Queens)

Ruben Cruz
Candidate for City Council District 32 (Queens)

Matthew Morgan
Candidate for City Council District 39 (Brooklyn)

Voting eligibility:
13.4: When such designation or nomination is for an office to be filled by all the voters of the City of New York, such authorization must be by a majority vote of those present at a joint meeting of the executive committees of each of the County Affiliates of the party within the City of New York, provided a quorum is present at such meeting, unless such a convention passes by two-thirds (2/3) an enabling resolution consistent with these Rules authorizing some person or group other than such convention to make such nominations on behalf of the party.
LPNY Bylaws

Manhattan Libertarian Party