Remembering Andrew Martin

Libertarians of New York City will always remember Andrew Martin, a Libertarian who’s passion for Liberty and ideas burned greater at young age then many do in their entire lifetimes. It’s sad to know that he had to leave us at such a young age. Andrew, the libertarians of New York will always remember you. […]

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Bushama Economics

Bushama Economics   Bush and Obama Bush and Obama are thought to be so different and the Obama partisans I hear so often in NYC think that is the case.  I wish they would subject Obama to the same standards to which they subjected Bush.  If they did, they couldn’t possibly support Obama. Surprisingly, economic

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We Have Met the Enemy

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”  Pogo cartoon, 1971 Federal government spending is unsustainable.  By 2025 entitlement programs plus interest on the national debt will consume all Federal revenue.  The national debt will be six times GDP by 2080. By the end of the century Federal spending will take 80% of GDP. 

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Romney’s 47%

During the 2012 Presidential campaign a video came out showing Romney speaking to a private group about the 47% who receive government benefits and who would therefore vote for Obama.  He was roundly criticized for this and he later apologized.  He was both right and wrong. The percentage of people who receive a substantial portion

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Civil Liberties

Two disturbing stories appeared online yesterday (February 5, 2013) about abuses of civil liberties by the Bush and Obama administrations.  It is getting scarier.  Yesterday was one of the first times I’ve felt afraid of government scrutiny when I emailed these stories to my email account. One story was about research someone did on the Bush administration rendition

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I Support Our President

I support President Barack Obama and have since December 31, 2011 when he signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (“NDAA”).  I support him unequivocally.  My pledge remains in effect as long as the NDAA continues to authorize the President to  indefinitely detain any American he or she thinks is a terrorist threat. I support our Congress

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Contact the Sponsors of the Commission on Presidential Debates

(Excerpted from Gary Johnson Insider Newsletter 10/6/2012) The Commission on Presidential Debates continues to exclude Gov. Gary Johnson from the upcoming Presidential debates. Three of the CPD’s corporate sponsors have dropped their support of the debates; seven corporate sponsors remain. The following is contact information for the seven remaining corporate sponsors of the CPD. Please

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