Let’s Go to Hong Kong or Edward Snowden, Si, Bush-Obama, No

Let’s Go to Hong Kong


Edward Snowden, Si!  Bush-Obama, No!

I feel like going to Hong Kong to help form a human chain around the hotel where Edward Snowden resides to protect him from our government.  He is the guy who, a few days ago, revealed to British and American newspapers the scope of some of the surveillance tools used by the National Security Agency (‘NSA’).

He is my latest hero.  I know it is dangerous to believe in heroes; they so often disappoint, especially in politics.  I might find out things about him that will change my mind.  Based on what I have read so far, he is a patriot trying to alert us to the possibility or reality of a total surveillance state in the United States.

Will the NSA read this and target me too?  Maybe, but I can think of three saving factors; there are many who feel as I do, I am not famous and the government is often incompetent despite all its resources.

Frederick Miller

New York City

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