Repeal the Civil Rights Act

“Did you hear what your buddy Rand Paul said?” Nude Eel crowed recently.  “He doesn’t think the government can tell him who he can serve in his restaurant, you can’t agree with that!”  Like most Libertarians, The Free Agent is used to this kind of knee-jerk reaction.  Mister Eel, who sees legislation (rather than the …

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This Week in Entertainment

The Free Agent hasn’t thought about the most righteous hit “Two Princes” since she wore out the cassette in the 90s, but it’s played through her head all week as she’s listened to Mister Obama and Tim Geithner explain their financial overhaul legislation.  The White House website’s summary includes one obvious dirty bomb, “financial firms …

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August 9: Taking Back the Edge – Freedom and the Internet Model

I believe that historians will come to see the development of the Internet as an event comparable to the development of movable type in importance because of the way it has revolutionized human communication. The original decentralized, edge-based design of the Internet allowed every connected computer to act as both a client and a server …

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