I had a “eureka moment.”

Hello all, I had a “eureka moment.” I had it when I recently served jury duty at the Supreme Court of New York State, which recently relocated to a recently built skyscraper at 320 Jay Street in Brooklyn. (This immense edifice houses both the Supreme Court and Family Court. And judging by its immensity, it …

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As Petitioning for Ballot Access Approaches Most Voters Think The System is Unfair

Across the country most Democrat and Republican candidates are automatically on the ballot or have very minimal petitioning requirements.  This is despite the fact that nearly a third of all voters identify themselves as unaffiliated with Republicans or Democrats.  In New York State third-party candidates need to meet requirements three or four times higher than …

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Death to the Birther Issue

Pregnant Americans, fear not!  Should your bundle of joy turn out to be a bundle of joi, or glæde, or llo, or Freude, in other words, if you give birth abroad, your child is still a natural citizen of the United States. The rules for automatic citizenship change occasionally, and the Constitution is a little …

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My New Capitalist Exemplar

Occasionally of an underscheduled evening, The Free Agent turns the dial on her television set to catch a broadcast.  This season, nestled amongst the police procedurals, superstitious dramas, and unreality shows, she found the chupacabra of popular entertainment—a capitalist hero. She wasn’t expecting it.  “Two Broke Girls” was created by Michael Patrick King of “Sex …

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Obama VS Romney – Got Gay?

If Obama VS Romney on the issue of gay marriage makes you cringe, it should.  When these 2012 titans start wrestling over what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ is it really a question of ‘gay marriage’ or perhaps who’s got the gay vote?  OR, if not the ‘gay vote’ to what extent is Obama …

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