Drew Rush

Liberal Universalism

1 > 50 While liberals would have you believe their universalism is the child of wholly benevolent aspirations, there is a good practical reason they oppose States Rights: they hate competition. One example is Right to Work laws. Liberal supporters of unions claim to be against RTW because they’re looking out for the little guy, …

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Keeping It Together

Mr President? Ron Paul won his second consecutive CPAC presidential straw poll this past weekend and already various news outlets and personal acquaintances of mine are harping about the fact that it does not matter. Apparently the only reason the CPAC presidential straw poll might matter is if it is a good indicator of who …

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Rand Paul’s Point

Rand Paul was on Morning Joe today and made the point that $500bn is the figure you reach if you’re just getting serious about the current federal debt crisis. This is a deft move since most people who liked the plan have been saying, “Well, I know it’s a lot, but you have to do …

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The Banks Aren’t The Economy

Today we learned the Federal Reserve made $9 trillion in emergency overnight loans from March 2008 to May 2009 in order to “keep the economy running.”  Three banks, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley account for two thirds of this lending activity.  Immediately liberals and conservatives and Keynesians and Austrians jump out of their seats …

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In case you hadn’t heard, Bob Murphy, Austrian school wunderkind, has come up with a novel way to get Paul Krugman to finally debate and put up or shut up about his particular flavor of pilfer-thy-neighbor economics. It’s pretty cool. Murphy has raised fifty thousand dollars, that’s right, fifty thousand, that will be given to …

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Hypocrite or Lunatic

Here’s the gist of liberal critiques of conservatives and libertarians. As far as conservatives go, the whole lot are hypocrites since they want things like social security and medicare to remain in place for their constituencies. Liberals don’t really dare say much anymore about the disturbing costs of American military hegemony these days. As far …

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A Real Man

A real man is antiwar. A real man understands that being antiwar is an absolute.  He knows that when he is truly on the defensive, he does not relish in conflict or the extermination of his enemy.  He has only one thing in his mind:  the end to conflict. A real man knows the possession …

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Liberals, Libertarians, and Civil Rights

The Rand Paul/Rachel Maddow interview is part of this liberal exposition. It is a form of political theatre that mimics a true inquiry into someone’s opinion on a controversial issue. Instead, it was a way for Maddow to discredit libertarianism now that everyone knows libertarians are a growing force in the political arena. If there’s one group of people that threaten the liberal agenda more than republicans, it’s libertarians.