A Real Man

A real man is antiwar.

A real man understands that being antiwar is an absolute.  He knows that when he is truly on the defensive, he does not relish in conflict or the extermination of his enemy.  He has only one thing in his mind:  the end to conflict.

A real man knows the possession of an enemy represents what is anathema to his most basic need:  peace and safety for his family.

A real man does not seek domination nor does he seek retribution, for the price he may pay for either is the lives of those he loves.

A real man understands that war is a joyless affair.  Resolutely animalistic, war is man’s violent nature laid bare, the forced hand of a just man clenched into a fist.  War is not a solution; it is rather the precipice preceding resolution.

A real man knows there is no such thing as collateral damage.  He knows that lives lost are all whole and complete, each a world in its own right.  He knows that when the lives and families of other men are threatened, there should be no expectation of complacency on the part of real men defending their families.

A real man knows that the killing of innocent people on 9/11 was heinous and unforgivable.  But so too are the deaths of innocent Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis.

A real man knows that neither American citizens nor peaceful Muslims are to blame for these deaths.  He knows who to blame:  the men and women choosing war, vengeance and death over peace, understanding and life.

A real man realizes an entire civilization of people is not to blame for the acts of so very few.  He knows that an entire civilization of people would not hate him because of how free he was to grill on Sundays and look at Playboys.

A real man knows that nowhere in the history of Anywhere, Ever (Population:  Everyone Ever) has war started simply because one group of people didn’t like another.

A real man knows a lie when he hears it.

A real man knows we don’t have to fight them over there to prevent fighting over here.

A real man knows we were attacked here because we were over there.

A real man knows the difference between figuring out why he was attacked and determining the culpability of the attacker.

A real man realizes we were attacked because we were over there, but this in no way gives sanction to the killing of innocent Americans on 9/11.

A real man knows the taking of innocent lives as retribution for the taking of innocent lives is abominable.  He knows that families made unwhole are inevitably the sinews of broken heartstrings unbound and exploding into rage.

A real man knows war does not beget peace.

A real man is antiwar.

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