Rand Paul’s Point

Rand Paul was on Morning Joe today and made the point that $500bn is the figure you reach if you’re just getting serious about the current federal debt crisis. This is a deft move since most people who liked the plan have been saying, “Well, I know it’s a lot, but you have to do it.”

Rand Paul is effectively saying, “In the long run it may not be enough, but it’s a good start.” With less than a week before CPAC, this should give the Paul brand some flavor.

I have not yet confirmed the figures, but Senator Paul claimed that over the next few years the Democratic plan in congress will add $4 trillion in debt while the Republican plan will add $3 trillion. What’s a trillion dollars between friends anyway?

It’s unlikely that anyone will play ball with the prospect of having to shave $500bn off the budget looming. More likely is the continuation of the USG trying to reanimate the corpse known as the American economy with cheap money. Kablooey! Learn to love the bomb already, would ya?

I don’t think term limits or campaign finance reform would have any effect either way. You don’t have to give to a politician’s campaign directly to win influence in Washington. It certainly can’t hurt, but giving favors can be just as effective. And the prospects of sitting on the boards of powerful interest groups after a political career in Washington is enough to grease some wheels in the capitol.

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