In case you hadn’t heard, Bob Murphy, Austrian school wunderkind, has come up with a novel way to get Paul Krugman to finally debate and put up or shut up about his particular flavor of pilfer-thy-neighbor economics.

It’s pretty cool. Murphy has raised fifty thousand dollars, that’s right, fifty thousand, that will be given to charity if and only if Krugman debates. You can see more details at You can also pledge toward the 100K goal. Your credit card won’t be charged unless the debate actually occurs.

I like the idea of making Krugman choose between hunkering down in his Ivory Tower and denying hungry people this winter an extra 100K in warm meals or getting his head taken off in a debate against an Austrian economist like Dr. Murphy.

Maybe someone should remind Dr. Krugs this release of money would only help his stated goal of increasing aggregate demand and money flow.

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