Long live the Libertarian Party

republished from Eric Sundwall’s post in Examiner.com November 5th, 2010

While some partisans lick their chops in anticipation of their new political spoils and others their wounds from electoral battle, Libertarian Party members of NY and activists are scrambling to determine if in fact they may have ballot status. Reminded of the 1998 effort of the Working Families Party that woke up the next day with forty five thousand votes, long time third party activists like the Greens Mark Dunlea has reminded this Redlich staffer that miracles can happen outside Lake Placid in New York.

The two to three week period after the election includes not only the constant prattle of talking heads until 2012, but also a re-canvassing of election districts and the absentee count. This yielded Ralph Nader ….  read entire article

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