Author: Ignacio Gutiérrez

Melt the Switchboards on the Fed’s Hidden Tax

If there is one issue that both the left and right would miraculously agree on is the abolition of the Federal Reserve. That’s because it is ultimately and directly responsible for one tax the rich and poor alike end up paying – inflation.

A healthy dose of skepticism

“Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life” stated MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen, another guest speaker, and noted manmade global warming skeptic at the ICCC. And if that dream happens to collude with a multi-billionaire’s Shamanic vision for unlimited profit, the answer to Ebell’s question is a foregone conclusion.

Libertarians of the world unite!

So what can be done other than leaving phone messages, emails and letter writing to your congressional representatives and senators? Particularly if one of them happens to be Chuck Schumer who believes he knows how to better spend 5.5% of your forcibly redistributed NY state income tax alone than you do?
Mark your calendar for a Libertarian revolution come next year’s congressional midterm elections.

Let economic nature take its course

There is a way out of this global financial crisis. But it involves realizing that dire economic consequences such as record foreclosures, job losses, and looming hyperinflation are actually Darwinian wake up calls to usher in a new age of self-responsibility.

Everyone needs to be an economist

If only everyone were an actual economist, or at the very least understood the basics, perhaps we wouldn’t be in the insane financial crisis of this global magnitude we’re in now. Of course, that is a huge “IF” considering economics is viewed as one of the most boring sciences which most people confuse with financial witchcraft or some biased political agenda.