Libertarians of the world unite!

Libertarians of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but another significant percentage of your income to wasteful government spending on pet projects that empower career politicians and guarantee them direct control over billions of taxpayer dollars under the guise of purportedly helping the less fortunate. But most importantly, you have nothing to lose other than your individuality, property rights and civil liberties which are steadily being redefined by those very lifelong bureaucrats who have zero understanding of basic economic logistics and principles and even less empathy for anyone they don’t think they can “help”, ie, relentlessly tax.
Sounds like a load of ideological tripe? Not to anyone who realizes there must be a limited role for government before it teeters on a nanny state, or worst yet, a deluded socialist dream of benevolent totalitarianism. We might be experiencing a great depression soon, but not because of the housing crisis and the credit crisis it helped fuel. But because of the hyperinflation and crushing taxes sure to come, coupled with the rationing of resources due to the inevitable shortcomings of leftist central planning fever taking over the current Obama administration and their “spendulus” plans and trillion dollar deficits.
For the average taxpayers who’ve bothered to do the math (after all, they’re the ones footing these bills), the numbers simply don’t add up. This current concept that “deficits don’t matter” being bandied about by economists such as Paul Krugman, is just as ideological as assuming tax cuts will solve everything. Most fiscal conservatives, particularly of the Libertarian stripe, know that “tax cuts” lose their efficacy when government spending exceeds the lost revenue. That’s what occurred under Reagan and Bush Jr. “Compassionate conservatism” may as well have been called “compassionate central planning”, which come to think of it, is what leaders such as Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and now Hugo Chavez seem to always have had in mind before they issue out monthly ration booklets to their citizens, ie, indentured servants.
So what can be done other than leaving phone messages, emails and letter writing to your congressional representatives and senators? Particularly if one of them happens to be Chuck Schumer who believes he knows how to better spend 5.5% of your forcibly redistributed NY state income tax alone than you do?
Mark your calendar for a Libertarian revolution come next year’s congressional midterm elections.

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