Davos Debate not over

It takes one to know one who has lived under the oppressive rule of an actual communist regime, and all its freedom restricting mandates based on collectivist ideologies, to recognize an eerily similar movement when branded with the same “morally imperatives” and one world government agenda they’ve heard before.

“I don’t think there is any global warming” declared Vaclav Klaus, the Czech Republic’s president at a Davos Meeting this weekend having met Al Gore and spent two hours discussing the issue with him. “I’m very sorry that some people like Al Gore are not ready to listen to the competing theories. I do listen to them”.

Among some of those competing theories which rival the divisive, knee jerk “consensus” many in the media are more than happy to cram down our throats thanks to tenured academic peer review that not only ignores the other side of the argument, but flat out refuses to admit it even exists are:

1. Rises in carbon dioxide DO NOT precede rises in temperature, they follow them.

2. 97% of greenhouse gases are water vapor. Carbon dioxide, the very air we exhale, does not even account for the remaining 3% since Methane, another gas we exhale out our other end, accounts for a significant portion as well.

3. Temperatures have actually been dropping since 1998. And for those who refuse to pay attention to some of the record snowfalls and temperatures as of late, there is yet to be a sensible argument on how all this cold is “masking” the rises in temperature.

4. According to the Russian Vostok Station in Antarctica, using ice core samples, they are coming to the conclusion that we are actually heading towards a new Ice Age.

There is a colossal difference between actual environmental pollution and predictions of cataclysmic proportions that involves the very end of the human species as we know it. Yet the Al Gores of the world want to continue to impose Kyoto, cap and trade, carbon rationing cards, and the banning of just about anything remotely related to “economic progress” from nuclear technology to the limiting of Google searches. Policies that would do nothing to address what each day is appearing to be natural, not man made, climate change.

Nothing as long as you discount the stifling of our economies, let alone our freedoms. Something people such as Vaclav Klaus know all too well that when they’re lost, they’re almost impossible to recover. Especially when they’re buried under the rubble of apocalyptic moral imperatives.

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