Bob Armstrong

The Duopoly Dumb Down

It should be no surprise that the US continues to descend from the ranks of freeest nations . Our professional political duopoly fights to maintain their power against any outside voices . This is a major cause of the ever ratcheting power of the state with minimal distinction between the 2 in-power party offerings . …

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Toxic Bull Shit

The more I listened to the congressional appearances of Paulson & Bernanki the more convinced I become that this is Bush’s last attempt to scare us into another jump to the National Socialist , military fascist state . The market is frozen by the creation of foolish financial derivatives too complex to be marked to …

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Leningrad -> 16 years -> StPetersburg

I’m trying to get started on my Logic of Liberty column for the next print SerfCity , due tomorrow , but have gotten somewhat diverted by Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel channel . He’s visiting St. Petersburg , Russia . Attending one of the very the first international computer language conferences during …

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Reading the Climate Change Bill

The signature campaign of the excellent and effective grassroots libertarian lobbying site Downsize DC is their Read the Bills Act. While still far from introduction much less passage, it is having significant influence on congressional comment and, now, on conduct. I happened to click the C-SPAN Senate channel a few hours ago partly because I …

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Michael Gerson inadvertently exposes horendousness of Bush “Heroic Conservatism”

  Altho , if you have a libertarian understanding , it’s a chore to listen to , Michael Gerson , with total lack of self comprehension , illustrates the horrors of dictatorial altruism in his discussion of his book “Heroic Conservatism” with Richard Viguerie on c-span Book.TV After Words . He totally fails to understand …

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