The Duopoly Dumb Down

It should be no surprise that the US continues to descend from the ranks of freeest nations . Our professional political duopoly fights to maintain their power against any outside voices . This is a major cause of the ever ratcheting power of the state with minimal distinction between the 2 in-power party offerings . A very simple model by James Marshall demonstrates the stagnant convergence of duopolies , which can only be sustained by their control of the force of regulation , versus the dynamic separation of positions necessary when there are 3 or more voices . The model simply assumes ” A self-interested candidate will adjust his/her position to maximize the votes gotten.” .
Click the image to run Marshall’s actual simulation .

This phenomenon is a major reason why I stress the necessity of establishing the Libertarian brand as a third voice . After the very open debates within all the parties’ primaries , the suppression of any outside voices by the Commission on Presidential Debates is strikingly obscene .

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