Michael Gerson inadvertently exposes horendousness of Bush “Heroic Conservatism”


Altho , if you have a libertarian understanding , it’s a chore to listen to , Michael Gerson , with total lack of self comprehension , illustrates the horrors of dictatorial altruism in his discussion of his book “Heroic Conservatism” with Richard Viguerie on c-span Book.TV After Words .

He totally fails to understand the irony of his cataloging a series of Bush’s increasing control over “humanitarian” resources of the population into the same collective head that has done so much for our new Iraqistan . Jimmy Carter , who has done much more good since safely retired from power , is his hero .

He makes human Ron Paul’s ( and Harry Browne’s ) explanations of why ceding one’s choices on charity , just like all other decisions , to the political class , is foolish .

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