Happy New Year! GUEST POSTING from Marcy Berry

Happy New Year’s to Libertarians and supporters of Liberty from West Coast to East and freedom lovers around the world. A few weeks ago, MLP solicited members, supporters, and friends for guest submissions. In the block quote below, enjoy a ‘toast’ to the spirit of freedom in 2012 from Marcy Berry of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco!

2011 changed the hierarchical paradigm.  “The Protester” was Time’s  Person of the Year, and OWS took on the pepper spray and won.  Ron Paul, no longer “who?,” has put “libertarian” on the political table.  Gary Johnson, as a nationally-recognized name, will do the same for “Libertarian.”
This is an amazing opportunity for grass roots libertarians/Libertarians to be heard; and we Libertarians have been working for years on flipping the hierarchical paradigm in favor of the individual over the state.
Thus, in the spirit of the Libertarian mantra of individual liberty and individual responsibility, I hereby repost “People Over 35 Should be Dead.”  This anonymous hymn to the individual contains gems such as, “We would spend hours building our go-carts out of scraps and then rode down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes…We fell out of trees, got cut and broke bones and teeth, and there were no lawsuits from these accidents.
In other words, we make the choice as to who is paramount, the individual or the state.
Many thanks to Marcy Berry. Please enjoy the link to "People Over 35 Should Be Dead" an awesome satirical post that shows 'what a wonder' it is anyone born before 1980 made it out alive! (not the mantra of socialists hoped for affect via Obamacare.)

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  1. Thanks you Adam for soliciting guest postings and for publishing Marcy Berry’s posting. And thank you Marcy for submitting your posting.

    Marcy is the current Chair of the LP of San Francisco. I met her on November 8, during my 15-day visit to San Francisco. She is a lovely, charming and dedicated libertarian. She and the LP SF have their jobs cut out for them because, as she told me, and which I’ve slowly discovered, SF “is indeed left of extreme liberal. Democrats operate
    unfettered.” (See: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lpsf-discuss/message/21430)

    Indeed, SF’s liberal politicians out-liberal NYC’s liberal politicians. For example, as of Jan 1, SF became the first city to require a minimum wage over $10 per hour. It’s $10.24, up from $9.92. What boggles the mind is how did these politicians determine that a 32 cents is the proper amount to raise the minimum wage by. What tea leaves did they read? What Marxist wage charts did they refer to? As Marcy said, “City leaders determined a decade ago that they would provide denizens with a ‘living wage,’ and they have stuck with their promise, with more to come. Problem is, of course, there will never be enough. Just like there can never be enough homeless shelters. ”

    Speaking of homeless shelters (SF cuddles “their” homeless just as NY does. But as far as I know, SF don’t have a Dept of Homeless Services that NY have), I met Edwin Lee while he ran for Mayor (he subsequently became elected Mayor). When I asked him what he plans to do about the homeless problem, his short term solution was to provide mental health services for the homeless. His long term solution: Build more housing for them. I was too polite to ask him, “Are you out of your flicking mind?”

    Anyhow, Marcy, I look forward to read more posting from you. It’s good to hear from the “Left Coast,” especially from SF, a lovely city which, sadly, its liberal politicians are doing their best to destroy.

    And thanks for that link to that endearing item about how we somehow managed to survive and thrive before all those “helpful” busybodies regulated our lives, for our protection, of course.

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