MTA Workers Paid to Play Chess

While you’re wondering why you can’t get service… MTA workers are on the clock, getting paid to play games and kill time.  While John Samuelson, President of the Transportation Workers Union blames the MTA for doing a poor job working out a reasonable schedule, the reader might be inclined to wonder if the Union and MTA aren’t equally at fault for this latest debacle.  The MTA in its ridiculous scheduling policies, and the Union for perhaps creating an environment that dictates what type of policy can be implemented how and when.

Read the entire article on the NY Post!

In the meanwhile, enjoy your out of control fares at the hands of New York’s “Favorite” Transportation Monopoly, the MTA.

1 thought on “MTA Workers Paid to Play Chess”

  1. One libertarian solution I think the Manhattan LP should champion would be getting the City to end the prohibition on “Dollar Vans”. Entrepreneurs all over Brooklyn are attempting to provide for the needs of commuters in areas not well covered by MTA service by offering van rides for reasonable fees via curbside pickups. By allowing these services to run as they wish unharassed we could see more frequent service and much wider coverage for tons of commuters – particularly in areas where there are lots of lower income people living – as well as allowing a number of people create jobs for themselves rather than mistakenly waiting for some public program to do it for them. I think this would be a good issue to highlight as it shows that libertarian solutions can greatly benefit working people – as often there is a misperception by non-libertarians that the solutions only work for the top few percent (i.e. such as I fear you might be doing here by creating the impression that you are attacking all unionized workers as lazy – which I know you are not). Thanks for your efforts for liberty – and Happy New Year!

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