Election day is tomorrow

Election day is tomorrow and we have more and more evidence that our message of  “stop wasting money “ is resonating with the voters.  Warren Redlich  polled 7% in a recent Rochester Business Journal poll.  Though you can never count on polls it is reason for optimism. Our opponents have noticed and they are running scared.  So much so that they have gone negative with a number of incredible lies and misrepresentations.  This is exactly why we need new faces, new ideas  and an end to the dirty-business as usual in Albany. Despite the desperate actions of our opponents our campaign is staying focused on a positive message of fiscal responsibility, honesty and plain old common sense.

We have every reason to be optimistic that we will achieve our short-run goal of 50,000 votes and automatic ballot status. However, WE MUST NOT BE COMPLACENT.   We have been surprised and disappointed so many times in the past.  Every one of us needs to double down and do everything we can to seize this opportunity.  We will have no one else to blame if we let this historic opportunity slip away. Every one of us can help make history in the next 36 hours.

Here are some things you can do right now:

  • Email your friends and explain why it’s critical to their future that Warren Redlich gets at least 50,000 votes and automatic ballot status for the Libertarian Party.
  • Send your friends Warren’s campaign videos. There are links below.
  • Sign up for Warren’s Facebook group
  • Call talk shows and tell them you support Warren Redlich’s campaign because we need new choices and an end to business as usual in Albany.

Here is what you can do tomorrow:

  • Vote for Warren Redlich and all the Libertarians on Row H
  • Print out some of  Warren’s flyers  and hand them out at the polls. Be sure to cooperate with the polling place officials and stay the legal distance (100 feet) from the poll entrance.

50,000 people will make history tomorrow. Will you be one of them?

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