Panzella Stands Up for New Yorkers and States Rights

STATEN ISLAND, NY, October 25, 2010  Danny Panzella, independent Libertarian candidate for the 63rd Assembly District, issued a formal challenge to his opponent, Democrat Michael Cusick, to join him in supporting a state sovereignty measure.

Speaking to groups of Staten Island residents this week, Mr. Panzella has been discussing the need for New York State to invoke its Tenth Amendment rights through a binding measure approved by both houses. The State Senate earlier this year introduced a similar resolution, which has been sent to the finance committee.

State sovereignty is arguably the single most important tenet of American government, yet hardly anyone ever talks about it. The Tenth Amendment is key to our Bill of Rights, and the liberty of the people. Unfortunately it has also been the most ignored part of our constitution for well over a century.”

 said Mr.Panzella, 33, of Manor Heights.

The Tenth Amendment instructs that  the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  This means simply that the federal government is limited to only the powers granted under the United States Constitution. And in reality, there aren’t many. The state constitution echoes this sovereign sentiment in its civil rights law.

“New Yorkers are absolutely besieged by a two-front war in defense of liberty, and it’s right here at home. We find ourselves under the crushing weight of the Albany establishment’s mounting debt and insane borrow and spend schemes. The additional burden of a fiscally irresponsible federal government makes it doubly dangerous as we hurtle toward insolvency on both fronts.”

 Mr. Panzella said.
While our U.S Senators and Congresspersons fail to represent the constitutional interests of the people of New York, it is the sacred and urgent responsibility of every state legislator to speak out. In fact, all members of our state legislature have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, as well as the Constitution of New York State. I will uphold that oath to both the letter and spirit when I am elected, and will push for my assembly colleagues to follow suit.
Asked about the current sovereignty measure in the state senate, Mr. Panzella explained that the resolution does not go far enough in his opinion.

” It’s a great start, no question. I salute Senator Nozzolio and our own Senator Lanza. But we must do more than simply resolve to defend the Constitution, we need to craft legislation with real teeth. “

The candidate also reminded his audience not to interpret his stance as a partisan position, saying that this is not about left versus right, but right versus wrong.
We have seen federal administrations and congressional majorities from both major parties routinely circumvent the Constitution. This is done through parliamentary maneuvers, presidential directives, executive orders, and federal mandates. Can’t get it through congress? Simply issue an edict to some federal agency. And that’s the real danger here. Unelected bureaucrats and czars making major policy decisions without the checks and balances afforded by Congress.

Now it must fall to the state legislature to provide that oversight and approval. We are the last line of defense against what has become an oppressive, overreaching federal government. We need to have the ability, by law, to nullify or repeal those unfunded programs, unfair restrictions, and job-killing regulations, ones that the people of New York clearly do not want, and for which we cannot pay or we will all pay dearly with catastrophic consequences for our families’ futures.

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