The Word is Political

The wound of the last night’s victory of Magic Wand politics is too fresh to discuss, so The Free Agent will instead encourage the use of the word political in general.

She means that to substitute for words like socialized, universal, and especially, government.  In The Free Agent’s circle, the adjective government is understood to be shorthand for the concept of police force, or the few making decisions for the many, but outside we enlightened few, the word has an unhelpfully polarizing effect.   Out in the world of public protest, one might as well wear a sandwich board saying “CRACKPOT!” as protest government intervention into the subject of the protest.

I’m sure we’ve also all seen the look of dismissal in a casual acquaintance’s eyes when we accidentally rely on the shibboleth “the government” to carry the weight of an argument.  Depending on whom we’re speaking to, “the government” is benign, evil, peaceful, aggressive, the source of progress or its enemy, the protector of our rights or their eroder, an enlightened prince, or meat-headed bureaucrats.  At worst, defending your free agency using the expression “the government” instantly brands you as what one of her Facebook friends calls “the mole people” (The Free Agent’s taste in associates is catholic)—irrational, ignorant, backward, inhumane.  So don’t cede the intellectual playing field before kick-off.

Government is all the things above because it is comprised of people, no better or worse than the rest of us.  We elect people we think represent us, not whom we think are superior to us, who can manage our daily lives better than we can.  (The tables frequently tilt slightly when it comes to other people’s perceived ability to manage their lives.)

Which brings me to the utility of the word political.  Its definition is narrower, more accurate, and carries less baggage than the word government.

We have carved out a huge new chunk of political health care.  That means politicians will make decisions citizens previously made for themselves, according to different priorities.  Again, I aver that politicians are no better or worse people than the rest of us, but the profession of politics sustains itself through money and votes, and politicians who resist their siren songs are as rare as they are courageous.

Political winds change, and we should always challenge pro-statists to defend their position should the butts in seats not represent their values in the future.  Now you’ve handed your authority to someone who is not sympathetic to your desires, and we have all lost a little bit of our ability to govern our own lives.

By the way, Congress, how are things in Afghanistan and Iraq?

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    Take heart, freedom loving Americans. The Health Care bill is only one battle in the long war to restore our freedoms and liberty. The ‘Gang of Three’ (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) will keep pushing additional individual pieces of their American Communist Manifesto on us. They will be pushing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Cap and Trade, and gun legislation, before the elections in November of 2010.

    We must continue the fight for Liberty and Freedom and resist each and every piece of legislation in every legal way that we can. When election day comes in November, we will oust many of the leaders and followers of the Democratic-Communist politburo in the House and Senate and our battle plan will turn from defensive actions to offensive actions.

    We have learned from experience, that we cannot count on the federal courts to stop attacks on our Liberty as they often rule that ordinary American citizens have “no standing” in their courts. The federal courts are also part of the problem and just as corrupt as our legislative and executive branches of government.

    Once we take control of the House of Representatives and possibly the US Senate in November of 2010, we will be able to cut off all funding for the nationalization of our Health Care system. Without the funding, there will be no nationalization of our Health Care system. We will also be able to cut off funding of other unconstitutional agencies and programs of our government

    So take heart, fredom loving Americans and let us remember that at critical points in the history of this great country, only a few generations of Americans have been given the of honor and privilege of defending Liberty and Freedom in their maximum hour of mortal danger. In 1776, our Founders’ generation was given that honor and privilege. The generations that lived through World War I and World War II were also given the honor and privilege of defending Liberty and Freedom in their darkest hours. In all these critical points in our history, brave Americans stood as one against Tyranny and our Liberty and Freedom were preserved.

    Today in America, our Liberty and Freedom are once again in their maximum hour of mortal danger, just as they were in 1776, 1917 and 1941, and we are now the generation that must stand up against Tyranny as one united force and be prepared to act.

    This is our time!!

    We have not only been given the honor and privilege of defending Liberty and Freedom in their maximum hour of mortal danger, but our Founders told us that it is also our sacred duty to do so, not only for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children. Do not lose heart over the loss of one battle or even several battles, for there is no doubt that freedom loving Americans will win the war to restore Liberty in America.

    I pray to God that we will be successful.


    John Wallace

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