Author: Janet Hopf

Governor Sentenced to Public Shaming

While the Free Agent feels sympathy for Governor Nuomo, she supports alternative sentencing and whenever possible, letting the punishment fit the crime. Somewhere apparently, in an extremely enlightened jurisdiction, a particularly clear-eyed magistrate has ordered Nuomo to advertise his own…

Poetic License

“Wrong side of history” says commander Of Americans in Afghanistan.

Poetic License

Garland carriages clip clop through Central Park. Kiss the horses Good-bye, says mayor.

Poetic License

New York orders 12% raise For unskilled workers.   They rejoice In Bangalore.

Smoke ’em if You Got ’em

Many of us might hate smoking, but there’s no more important battleground for recognizing our rights of self-ownership.  Scientific American asked me for the libertarian take on anti-smoking laws: Moreover, the limitation of 18-year-olds should offend a population of legal…