Janet Hopf

Governor Sentenced to Public Shaming

While the Free Agent feels sympathy for Governor Nuomo, she supports alternative sentencing and whenever possible, letting the punishment fit the crime. Somewhere apparently, in an extremely enlightened jurisdiction, a particularly clear-eyed magistrate has ordered Nuomo to advertise his own incompetence. The Free Agent was commuting to work one morning and saw this in lieu […]

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Smoke ’em if You Got ’em

Many of us might hate smoking, but there’s no more important battleground for recognizing our rights of self-ownership.  Scientific American asked me for the libertarian take on anti-smoking laws: Moreover, the limitation of 18-year-olds should offend a population of legal adults, said Janet Hopf, president of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. “Eighteen year olds should be

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“There’s No Quit Here”

“There’s no quit here,” was Gary Johnson’s message last night at a fundraiser for the New York Libertarian Party.  The 2012 presidential candidate shared his insights from the campaign with the packed room, including New York City’s 2013 candidates. Johnson worked his way up from endless “internet radio” interviews to the national stage, where he

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Governor Gary Johnson

Will be speaking at the Manhattan LP meeting on November 12 at 7pm.  This is an exceptional opportunity to hear 2012 presidential candidate and champion of liberty Gary Johnson and to get the ball rolling for the 2014 New York gubernatorial election. This event is only $25 plus dinner.  Space is limited, go to ny.lp.org

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Manhattan Convention

On June 11 at 8:48pm, Manhattan Libertarian Party convened its nominating convention. The officers of the Manhattan LP were constituted as the standing endorsement committee. Endorsements for office: Borough President: * David Cassavis City Council District 4: * Helene Jnane City Council District 5: * David Garland Convention adjourned at 9:05. Submitted by Janet Hopf,

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Go Green!

On May 14, Libertarian Party elder statesman Gary Greenberg spoke to the Manhattan LP meeting on the subject of why Libertarians lose elections and what we need to do to win. While there were a few early victories at the national level, most elected Libertarians for the past forty years have won small local offices.

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Manhattan Libertarian Party