Obamacare: Just Say No

The Democrats may have a shiny new law but they may have a hard time getting some of us to obey it.  

According to the Tenth Amendment Center about 30 states have already introduced Health Care Nullification legislation.  In Utah, Arizona and Virginia it has passed both houses and in Idaho it’s passed as law.   This doesn’t appear to be a bunch of crazy state legislators run amok either.  A Rasmussen poll reports  49% support state lawsuits against health care plan and only 37% oppose the suits.

 Not surprisingly Republicans overwhelmingly support the resistance but the interesting message may be with independents. 

Seventy-two percent (72%) of Republicans and 58% of voters not affiliated with either major party favor such lawsuits. Sixty-five percent (65%) of Democrats are opposed. This suggests that filing a suit would be popular in Republican leaning and toss-up states but not in strong Democratic states. Of course, as with all things in the world of politics, these realities could shift over time as both parties try to spin the recently-passed legislation

Of course those riding in the wagon have a very different opinion than those pulling it.

The gap over suing the federal government is even wider between Mainstream Americans and the Political Class. Sixty-two percent (62%) of Mainstream voters think state lawsuits challenging the federal requirement are a good idea. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of the Political Class disagree.

I’m looking forward to the elections in November.   I hope Nancy Pelosi is working on her resume.  

Nullification may not be Health Care Deforms only obstacle.  This Chicago Tribune article by Dennis Byrne starts out”

The question with the passage Sunday of Democratic health legislation now becomes: Who will arrive first to slay this monster, the voters in November or the U.S. Supreme Court? … Can the federal government make you buy a specific good or service? Smarter minds than mine claim this is the first time in history that the federal government has enthroned itself with such power. Plaintiffs will line up to file court challenges against this and other constitutional issues raised.

So the Statists may have themselves a health care law.  Let’s see them keep it.

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