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We’re working on the next issue of Serf City, the tabloid newspaper that covers New York politics from a libertarian perspective. This is a great opportunity to get your name and opinions in print. You don’t have to be a libertarian to contribute, but articles should be pro-freedom in theme. We strongly prefer stories with local relevance, but […]

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Education at gunpoint

John Sabini, a state senator from Queens and tool of the teachers union, has introduced a bill that would expand compulsory attendance in New York State from ages 4 to 18. If passed, Senate Bill 3549 would require children to attend school three years longer than they are currently required. Where do we start dissecting this madness?

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The law-makers are law-breakers

Somebody get the Albany County D.A. on the phone. Joe Bruno and Sheldon Silver just broke the law — one they enacted just this past January. As part of the “everything changes on day one” charade, the very first new law signed by Eliot Spitzer on January 24th was a budget “reform” measure. The new law mandates that,

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Spunk Lads come together

Legendary 1970s punk band The Spunk Lads are reuniting this Wednesday for a special benefit concert for Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn’s legal fund. DDDB is currently fighting legal battles in state and federal courts to prevent Ratner’s Atlantic Yards development from moving forward. The Choke, Seanchai & The Unity Squad, and the Blackout Shoppers are

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Lesczynski on the radio this weekend

I’ll be on the air with the mighty Ernest Hancock, the Yoda of libertarian activists, discussing The Walton Street Tycoons this Sunday on 1480 KPHX-AM in Phoenix. The show airs at 4:00 p.m. Phoenix time, which I think works out to 7:00 p.m. NYC time. (The no-daylight-savings-time thing in Arizona always throws me off.) You can

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Mayor Rudy and the Arrogance of Power

The Bush Administration has been much criticized for a culture of arrogance that has led them to disastrous decisions on the war, spending, civil liberties and just about everything else. Well if you like the arrogance of the Bush Administration you will love President Giuliani. Mayor Rudy picked fights with the cab drivers, street vendors,

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For those Serf City readers of the Jewish persuasion, be advised that you’ll need to dispose of the kind along with the chometz before sundown Monday: “Marijuana is not kosher for Passover, a pro-cannabis advocacy group says, advising Jews who observe the week-long holiday’s special dietary laws to take a break from smoking the weed.The

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