NY Sun seized by Democratic insurgents

How else does one explain the Sun’s bizarre lead editorial this morning floating a Dick Cheney presidential run? I mean, is there anyone on the Republican roster – from D.C. to Peoria – who would be a worse candidate? Not just in terms of whether he would be a good president (he wouldn’t), but in potential to win the White House. I assume the Sun editorial board wants the GOP to win in 2008, right?

I mean, the Democrats could run Dennis Kucinich at this point and wipe the floor with Cheney.

I mean, the Repubicans could give the nomination to the great but regrettably unknown Ron Paul and have a better chance of winning.

I mean, Charlie Brown gets more valentines than Cheney would get votes at this point.

I mean, Dick Cheney???? Come on!!

The only other plausible explanation than a Democratic putsch is that the Sun editors ran with a belated April Fools Day prank since the holiday fell on a weekend this year, when the paper doesn’t publish.

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