The Rising Tide

Support New York Libertarians at State Fair

To support the Libertarian booth at the New York State Fair, please contribute via this link:

Matthew Dowd: “I can see a lot of Republicans deciding that Gary Johnson . . . “

. . . is the best place to go.” Dowd, an ABC pundit, and former Republican strategist, told PBS’ Gwen Ifill, “I don’t think you will see a bunch of Republicans go to Hillary Clinton, because they think that’s as…

Johnson/Weld gets favorable review by Chicago Trib

Gary Johnson: Republican Party Is Dying . . . “Why I’m Running Against Trump”

In his own words:

Manhattan Libertarians at NYC LGBT Pride

We had a gorgeous sunny day at the NYC LGBT Pride Festival on Sunday, June 26, 2016 to give hundreds of people the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and collect signatures for New York ballot access for Gary Johnson and Bill…