Run for senate sees boost from experienced political operative in Communications Director post.Alex Merced

June 1, 2016, New York, NY – Yesterday, Alex Merced, the Libertarian candidate for United States Senator from New York, appointed Brian Waddell as his campaign’s Communications Director. Mr. Waddell is a Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) and the Political Director and Immediate Past Chair of the Manhattan Libertarian Party (MLP). He also previously served as Media Relations Director for the MLP and worked for Mr. Merced as Managing Editor and Policy Analyst for The Libertarian Center for Tolerance, a libertarian think-tank.

Mr. Merced said of the addition, “I am very excited to have Brian on board in an official capacity. He’s been working hard for candidates from the party side of things for years and I’m happy he’s finally decided to aid a campaign directly. I’m distinctly honored he chose mine as the first.” Mr. Waddell echoed that excitement and added, “I’m ready to get Alex in front of as many cameras, microphones, and notepads as I can. The more New Yorkers get to know him, the better. If I do my job well, Alex will give Senator Schumer a run for his money come November.”

About Alex Merced: Alex Merced, the Libertarian Candidate for United States Senator from New York, embodies the American Dream. Raised in poverty by an immigrant single mother, Alex grew up to become a serial entrepreneur, a respected instructor, and a prominent voice in one of America’s fastest growing political movements. Alex Merced has defied both odds and expectations to become a powerful example of the American spirit to succeed and now fights to protect everyone’s ability to do the same.

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