On Orlando . . .

Before the backdrop of another carnage, this time in Orlando, candidates and other partisans (including our national LP chair, I will point out, to my dismay) have opportunistically grasped to vindicate their standard (and tired) talking points on guns.

I consider that completely beside the point, as well as tone-deaf.  This is not an occasion for more argument – over and over and over – for a country devoid of guns, or awash in guns.  We know the arguments.  That’s not for today.

Let’s, rather, take today to envision a country where individuals have, and can exercise freely and openly – and in safety – their liberty to choose their own lifestyles, their faiths, their heritage.

This cannot be legislated.

It derives not from laws, but from a change in the tone and direction of national leadership. From divisive to respectful.  From adversarial to allied.

To live and let live — is Libertarianism, at its essence.

Ron Litchman, Chair, MLP


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