Ron Litchman

Thankful, ever so thankful.

We ought to be thankful every year for our Constitutional democracy, our republic, our Bill of Rights, our free markets, our protected rights to life, liberty and to pursue our own happiness; our affluence and our peace at home. Before calibrating the distance our current circumstances fall short of our ideals, first check out the […]

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“Fit to Print” then Un-Fit

[[An earlier version of this article is posted at] “Fit to Print” then Un-Fit Wednesday, July 7, 2016. Race in America was the hot news, again. A few days earlier, one black man had been shot by local police in Louisiana, then 24 hours later, another black man was shot in Minnesota. Although the

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Hurricane Donald Blows Away

[A version of this column is posted at] Day after day, Donald Trump speaks another outrage. Last Tuesday, it was his outrageous comment about what “Second Amendment people” could do if they disapproved of Hillary Clinton’s appointment of judges. That has been widely seen as a veiled incitement to use violence. First of all,

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Donald Is Done

[Originally posted at] The next President of the United States will not be Donald Trump. It will likely be Gary Johnson – or, possibly, Hillary Clinton.  Here’s why, and how. The Trump campaign, if not clinically dead (although “brain dead” has long been suspected), is in its death throes. He’s down in the latest

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Matthew Dowd: “I can see a lot of Republicans deciding that Gary Johnson . . . “

. . . is the best place to go.” Dowd, an ABC pundit, and former Republican strategist, told PBS’ Gwen Ifill, “I don’t think you will see a bunch of Republicans go to Hillary Clinton, because they think that’s as dissatisfactory a choice as Donald Trump is, but I can see a lot of Republicans

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Hillary Channels Willie

[An earlier version was first posted on as Hillary Channels Willie] “Slick Willie.” No, not that “Slick Willie,” from the law school library of yore. It’s “Slick” Willie Sutton. Willie (“Why do you rob banks?”) Sutton. “Because that’s where the money is!” Willie famously replied – which is not news to Hill or Bill,

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George Will Leaves Republican Party . . .

  CNN reports that George Will, the prominent Conservative columnist and Republican opinion-leader, announced Friday, to the Federal Society, that he has left the Republican Party over Trump.  He’s quoted as describing himself as an “unaffiliated” voter in Maryland. He hasn’t yet said he’ll vote Libertarian.  (He has to walk before he can run.)

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