Alex Merced says the answer is competition, not taxpayer subsidy of airlines.


June 1, 2016, New York, NY – Senator Charles Schumer has called for at least $28 million in increased spending to hire more TSA agents. He claims that this will decrease wait times for travelers weary of long lines at security checkpoints. Alex Merced, the Libertarian candidate for United States Senate from New York, agrees that something must be done to get people through security faster, but believes competition, not increased spending, is the answer.

Mr. Merced said, “Increasing spending won’t make TSA lines faster or more efficient. Efficiency and quality is brought about by competition and consumer choice. We need to privatize airport security and let the different airlines compete over who can provide you the best security at the greatest convenience. Our current public security is inefficient, a subsidy to private airline companies, and arguably violating our 4th amendment rights”

About Alex Merced: Alex Merced, the Libertarian candidate for United States Senator from New York, embodies the American Dream. Raised in poverty by an immigrant single mother, Alex grew up to become a serial entrepreneur, a respected instructor, and a prominent voice in one of America’s fastest growing political movements. Alex Merced has defied both odds and expectations to become a powerful example of the American spirit to succeed and now fights to protect everyone’s ability to do the same.


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