Governor Sentenced to Public Shaming

cuomo signWhile the Free Agent feels sympathy for Governor Nuomo, she supports alternative sentencing and whenever possible, letting the punishment fit the crime. Somewhere apparently, in an extremely enlightened jurisdiction, a particularly clear-eyed magistrate has ordered Nuomo to advertise his own incompetence. The Free Agent was commuting to work one morning and saw this in lieu of a subway map. In it, the governor admits that despite controlling a combined budget the size of Norway’s, neither he nor the various New York City Soda Czars can properly maintain the public transportation system. Imagine the ruling from this wise jurist. “Mister governor, you demand that the single waitress in Boise, who has never and will never ride the New York City subway, contribute to its reconstruction. Because I am not a federal judge, I cannot stop the politburo from approving your request. However, the citizens of New York deserve to understand that your re-election campaign rests solely on your begging skills. Therefore, it is the order of this court that you post the details of your financial wizardry in prominent places throughout the city.” With so little executive ability, the Free Agent doesn’t think he stands a chance against this fellow.

1 thought on “Governor Sentenced to Public Shaming”

  1. Michael Smith

    Nice one Janet Hopf.

    This character is simply taking money from federal tax payers and inefficiently spending it here in NY and yelling “See, look how great I am”.

    If Cuomo would’ve cleaned up his backyard by himself, with no assistance from big brother than that would possibly be worth mentioning in a space that is normally used to display useful & helpful information, like a map.

    This big party politician has got to go. Let’s get a Libertarian in there, a politician for the people. Vote Michael McDermott, Libertarian.

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