Sean Haugh: Wrights the only presidential choice for the Party of Principle

This article by Sean Haugh appeared in Liberty For All on April 16th.



Do you want us to be the Party of Principle? If so, you have only one choice for our LP presidential nominee: The Wrights Choice!

For 2012, the top two contenders for our nomination are Lee Wrights and former Republican, Gary Johnson. Based on his campaign rhetoric, I’m concerned that if Gary Johnson is our nominee, he will say things as our standard bearer that will cause confusion about the LP brand. That happened in 2008; we don’t need for it to happen two presidential election cycles in a row.

Lee Wrights promises to support slashing taxes. Our two-time presidential candidate, Harry Browne, was fond of saying that he wanted to “get rid of the income tax and replace it with nothing.” Our 1988 presidential candidate, Ron Paul, is saying the same thing in his bid for the GOP nomination. Lee Wrights will proudly champion this libertarian position. Read entire article



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