Obama’s “Plan B” for Automatic Reelection

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As you may know, most news websites welcome readers to post their comments. At one such website, someone posted the following sardonically poignant comments which I’d like to share with you. (I regret I misplaced the source.) With some editing which I provided, these comments went:


Whoever the Republicans put up against Obama, however strong and well financed that candidate may be, Obama will use “Plan B” to get automatically re-elected. Here is how he will proceed:

A week before the election, when Obama sees his numbers not promising, he sends his marching orders to his “special” supporters. These “special” supporters include members of the old ACORN and ACORN-like “community organizations”; the armed factions of the SEIU, UAW, Teamsters and other labor unions; the New Black Panther Party; the Nation of Islam; Obama’s hitherto unknown private army; the leadership of OWS and its legions of leftist malcontent losers and parasites. (This is just a partial list.)

Under Obama’s tutelage, these special supporters stage protests and demonstrations throughout the land, which all “somehow” lead to riots, race and otherwise. Obama then declares Martial Law throughout the land, and postpones the elections. After a “suitable period,” the riots die down, though sporadic “pockets of resistance” still remain, and after thousands are killed, uncounted are arrested and hundreds of billions of dollars incurred in damages, Obama rescinds Martial Law and reschedules the elections.

He then campaigns aggressively under his new campaign slogan, “Vote For Me, OR ELSE!”

Landslide victory, here he comes.

You can’t make these things up.

I suspect, as you probably also do, that the author wrote these comments with tongue in cheek. But evident the duplicity, perfidy and treachery that has marked Obama and his administration, can we dismiss Obama’s “Plan B” as mere “speculation” from some crackpot provocateur (or perhaps a Hollywood screenwriter of political intrigue)? Do we dare?

I don’t think we can. Indeed, here are some ominous signs that Obama’s “Plan B” might be real and may even become operational:

ITEM: “Unions Plan to Train 100,000 Occupy Protesters”

Welcome to Occupy Spring. The Occupy Movement has become more sophisticated, how? It now officially has big name backers like the Teamsters, Moveon.org and other groups.

Its 40 co-sponsors include big names the United Auto Workers, the International Brotherhood of  Teamsters, Moveon.org, and UNITE, the hospitality industry union.

When The 99% Spring was announced in February, organizers vowed to train 100,000 people. It looks like they’ll easily make that goal when their training programs kick off next week.

It seems the Unions, one of Obama’s “special supporters” mentioned in the posting, know exactly where to find “useful idiots. To read the full article and see the list of 40 co-sponsors, go to: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2012/04/03/unions_plan_to_train_100000_occupy_protesters

ITEM: “Obama Will Declare Martial Law”

On March 16, President Obama without public notice unilaterally assumed dictatorial power over the entire country, issuing an Executive Order (“Executive Order—National Defense Resources Preparedness”) that would permit him in times of peace or war, in his sole discretion, to control all of the nation’s industry and resources for “purposes of national defense.”


With this Executive Order, Obama is clearly usurping powers never delegated to the President by the Constitution. And should those riots as “predicted” by the above poster happen, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 gives Congress, and only Congress, the power to call forth the “Militia,” or today’s National Guard, to “suppress Insurrections.” And once Congress call the Militia into “the actual service of the United States,”  the President can then, as the “Commander in Chief of the Militia of the Several States,” command and direct this force. (See Article 2, Section 2, Clause 1.) What’s more, “Martial Law” is no where mentioned in the Constitution. For Congress, let alone the President, to “declare Martial Law,” is tantamount to Congress declaring war on We the People. BTW, should Obama decide to postpone the elections, who or what do you suppose will stop him? The Constitution? The ACLU? The UN?

ITEM: The Supreme Court’s expected decision on Obamacare and the outcome of the Treyvon Martin shooting

Here are two apparently disparate events, yet they are fatally connected. Should the Supreme Court rule against Obamacare, riots will start. Just as riots will start if George Zimmerman, the “white Hispanic” who killed Martin, is found not guilty of second degree murder, as he is currently charged. (But rioting will still start even if he is found guilty.) Should the decision and the verdict be made around the elections, we can conceivably see a “Perfect Storm.” But if the decision and verdict are made at different times before the elections, then expect to see “dress rehearsals” of Obama’s Plan B.

In any event, will we see Obama launch his “Plan B,” as depicted by the poster, or will we see him launch a variation of it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my money on Obama to win this November, and it’s certainly not because I like his politics or “leadership.” It’s just that in view of Obama’s “Plan B,” I think his odds are better. Indeed, it would not surprise me if bookmakers have already declared Obama the odds-on-favorite to win.

Speaking of bookmakers, I understand there are macabre betting pools floating around for people to bet on the American city they think will burn first in each month beginning with June and ending on November 5. The current pools list cities from among these twenty cities, or you can write in your own:

Detroit, MI, Jackson, MS, New Orleans, LA, Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Newark, NJ, Miami, FL, Dallas, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Boston, MA, Columbus, OH, Oakland, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Buffalo, NY and San Diego, CA

Want to place your bet?

In any event, the Election of 2012 will certainly be an interesting one, won’t it?

Thanks for reading.

Alton Yee

Manhattan Libertarian Party