Subsidized Health Care in NYC Penalizes the Employed

Subsidized health care in NYC is out of control.  You can get Medicaid, Family Health Plus, and all sorts of other delicious government cheese, FOR FREE, so long as you’re too ‘disadvantaged,’ or perhaps too lazy and too entitled to be able to help yourself to anything else.

If you’re just a little bit motivated, or earning (at max), 250% above the Federal Poverty Level (meaning: a married couple making no more than $36,775) you will qualify for Healthy NY’s subsidized health care in NYC.


If you pop out 6 kids, it’s even easier to qualify!!  You only have to make less than $94,075!  AND, with lots of dependents in the mix, there are even more options for subsidized health care in NYC.  With all the sweet benefits you’ll qualify for, you can make ‘filling out government paper work’ a full time job!

In the meanwhile, a husband and wife making $50,000, getting taxed at approximately 30% will make slightly less than the ‘disadvantaged’ family’s pre-tax income.  However, according to eHealthInsurance, the more industrious couple can look forward to probably paying at least $2000 a month for a private option that provides full coverage.

The way subsidized health care in NYC is set up, it almost makes MORE sense NOT to work.

So, while advocates of subsidized health care in NYC make sure the most dependent have even less incentive to better themselves, how many working couples forgo having children because they don’t want to debt finance a birth on credit?  Having a baby is expensive these days, costing (for a low risk pregnancy) between $6000-$8000 and that doesn’t even include health costs before or after giving birth…  You’d almost think the government were trying to “breed out” self reliance and independence.

For a taste of the future (in part thanks to subsidized health care) check out this awesome video clip.

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