Three Westchester Republicans to Run as Libertarians

Westchester County Republicans Howard Arden, Matthew Rice and Kerry Lutz filed sufficient petition signatures with the Board of Elections to appear on the November ballot as Libertarian candidates in the Town of North Castle. Arden, a long-time Armonk resident, community volunteer and county businessman, is running for Town Supervisor. Rice and Lutz, both practicing attorneys, are seeking membership on the Town Council.
Critical of the many benefits local councilmembers receive, they each have vowed not to accept taxpayer-supported healthcare and retirement benefits for the part-time jobs.
New York Libertarian Party Chairman Mark Axinn stated, “The Libertarian Party is delighted to welcome both Republicans and Democrats who recognize that the two major parties stand for big government benefits at taxpayer expense. Only the Libertarian Party seeks smaller government and more freedom for all citizens.”

Additionally, Rochester Libertarians Drew Beeman, Max Kessler and Chris Edes are running for seats on the Monroe County Legislature.
“Now the people of Monroe County have the choice to get the government out of their wallets and out of their lives,” said Beeman.
The Libertarian Party is the nation’s third largest political party, standing for minimum government and maximum freedom.

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