August 8 – Paula Gloria – How to Stand UP vs Run Into Machine Gun Fire

A successful airwave speculator in the ’80s, in 1990 Paula Gloria became the first (and only) female entrepreneur to successfully build and operate a U.S. cellular telephone company, which was sold in 1992 to Telephone & Data Systems for $21 million. In 1996 she created The Concordia Foundation while living on the Island of Cyprus and experimenting with eco-village renewable technologies. She came to NYC in 1997 and become involved in Public Access television as a tool to make available important knowledge, often suppressed in mainstream media, with her first TV series, a radical holistic health program entitled The Whole Tooth. In year 2000 Ms. Gloria traveled to India to gain eastern divine knowledge and to make her charity more effective by addressing global problems such as pedophilia and organized sex-slavery. Her daily TV show “Farther Down the Rabbit Hole”, inspired by the breakthrough documentary film “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” airs on Time-Warner Manhattan cable with hundreds of shows on the Net.

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