June 13 Monthly Meeting with John Chodes

John Chodes on NY Governor Horatio Seymour during the Civil War

Please note 6:30 SHARP start time

Horatio Seymour was governor of New York during the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln hated Seymour and invaded New York twice with huge armies, to kill Governor Seymour and occupy our state, just as if it was part of the Confederacy. Tbe reason: Abe Lincoln was the prototype of the 20th century totalitarians. He believed in one party rule, by his Republican Party, military rule and military trials for all civilians, control of the press, the suspension of civil rights, and the use of detention camps throughout the country, for those who opposed him. He achieved all these objectives. One of the most notrious detention camps was located at Elmira New York. So many New Yorkers died there, that it is now a national cemetery.
Horatio Seymour was the forerunner of today’s Libertarians. He stood in the way, and defied Lincoln’s policies to turn the U.S.A. into a permanent military dictatorship.

John Chodes will give an overview of Governor Seymour, as he galvanized the citizens of New York and the entire country by demonstarting, through public speeches, that all our freedoms were being taken away and the Constitution destroyed. Mr. Chodes will describe the two horrific battles through the streets of New York City, that kiled as many people as at Gettysburg. He also will have copies of his new book on Horatio Seymour.

John Chodes has been a member of the Libertarian Party since l979, and has had over 100 articles published and 40 TV appearances promoting the free market, as well as 30 articles, monographs, and a biography related to the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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