June 10 – Ban the Scan NYC at Union Square

Please join New Yorkers and some excellent speakers as they make the case against the TSA’s extremism and support the movement in Texas and Utah to criminalize the TSA’s pat-downs and invasive security measures.

The enhanced security measures violate our Fourth Amendment, basic right to privacy and dignity.  They also have an ineffectiveness rate of 70%!

There’s no need to strip our clothes, dignity or liberty to be safe. 

A coalition of Republicans, Democrats, libertarians and independents have united to support legislation banning whole image body scanners and invasive pat-downs throughout NYC. Please join us!

The event starts at 4:30 PM and features:

  • Susie Castillo, Former Miss. USA
  • NYC Councilman Dan Halloran
  • Michael Boldin, Founder, Tenth Amendment Center
  • Jim Babb, Founder, We Wont Fly 
  • Amie Stepanovich, National Security Fellow, Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • Michael Roberts, Pilot & Founder, Fed Up Flyers
  • Ron Moore, Chairman, Manhattan Libertarian Party
  • Julian Heicklen, Activist, Fully Informed Jury Association
  • Ms. Jamie Maarten, President, Columbia University Libertarians (Event M.C.)

 You can RSVP on Facebook at:


An informal networking happy hour will follow.

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