EZ Pass Ripoff

For freedom lovers, EZ Pass is one of the big compromises of modern life. On the one hand, by using it we forfeit our anonymity and allow Big Bubba to track our whereabouts on the highways and byways. In exchange, we’re supposed to get modest discounts on tolls, allowing us to keep just a little bit more of our money from a government that takes far too much as it is.

So it is disconcerting to learn that New York’s various toll authorities aren’t holding up their end of the bargain for travelers coming from out-of-state. According to AAA’s Car & Travel magazine, only drivers who purchased their EZ Pass from a New York EZ Pass Customer Service Center (i.e., the MTA Bridges & Tunnel Authority, the New York State Bridge Authority, the Thruway Authority or the Port Authority) receive the EZ Pass discount on tolls. Anyone who got their EZ Pass in another state pays the cash rate, regardless of signs posted to the contrary.

Travelers are already wary about getting ripped off when they come to the Big Apple. It turns out the ripoffs begin literally the second they cross through the tollbooth.

3 thoughts on “EZ Pass Ripoff”

  1. Q. Why does the Port Authority only charge when coming into New York at the GWB, Lincoln and Holland Tunnels?

    A. Because you don’t have any money left when you leave.

  2. I don’t see how this cripples your liberty. You seem to be pissed off at the ripoff more than anything else. An EZ pass is available for your convenience (the convenience of speedier payment perhaps) and it is not mandatory. As always you can simply pay cash if you don’t like how EZ pass operates. But more importantly, you HAVE the choice of not using the pass. So again this has nothing to do with the government interfering with your inalienable liberties.

  3. You can get a new E-ZPass from New York, it doesn’t matter where you live. Just go to e-zpassny.com, click on the “SIGN UP NOW!” button and then on the next page where it says “Select Your State or Province” just click on “New York” to avoid being redirected back to your home state. Don’t worry, after having chosen “New York” as your home state you will continue to navigate to the real sign up page where you will be able to put in your correct address and license plate information.

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