The BOE Botches My Write-In Votes Again

Once again, the NYC Board of Elections has mixed up my write-in votes in ways that make me question whether any of the votes get counted correctly. Immediately after submitting my ballot last election day, I reported the following write-in votes on my Facebook page: “Also wrote in all 3 of my kids for supreme court judges, my wife, Mark Axinn and Ron Moore for civil court judges, John TringleĀ  for state senate, and myself for assembly.”

The final official votes are now tallied and reported on the NYC BOE’s website, and this is what they show:

For supreme court judge, my son Benjamin Lesczynski and daughter Sara Lesczynski each got one vote (their names got badly misspelled in the transcription, but otherwise okay), but my daughter Alana Lesczynski somehow got 4 write-in votes! In order to believe that is reported accurately, we would have to believe that three other voters in New York County, unknown to me, also thought it would be a good or at least funny idea to vote for my 8-year-old daughter for supreme court justice.

For civil court judge, they report my 1 vote for my wife Dawn Fox, but also 2 votes for Mark Axinn (I only voted for him once), 2 votes for Ron Moore (ditto), and also a vote for me (I voted for myself assembly not judge) and for John Triangle [sic] (I voted for John Tringle for state senate, not judge). The extra votes for Mark, Ron and me are possibly legit, because I think Mark and Ron may have cast joke votes for each other and me in various races, but I don’t know anyone else who would have voted for my friend John Tringle.

For assembly district 64, they report 1 vote for me that I did cast, but also one vote for John Tringle that I did not cast.

Likewise, for state senate district 25, they report the one for John Tringle that I did cast, but also one vote for me that I did not cast. Ron and Mark do not live in my assembly district, so they could not have voted for me in this race.

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