Governor David Paterson’s Mystery Woman and the New York State Budget

Are you kidding?

 New York State has a $7 billion budget deficit. Paterson is the only major party politician who has shown any leadership in addressing the deficit. And the press gives legs to a highly questionable story about Paterson’s personal business with a woman who didn’t complain – even if the incident happened at all. Based on an article I read yesterday, the manager of the restaurant said he walked passed the table constantly and saw no such behavior and the two women who made the accusation apparently refused to stand by their accusation.

My question is which deficit is bigger? The NYS budget deficits or the brain deficit exhibited by the media and the NYS Democrats?

You KNOW where this is coming from. Paterson’s enemies on the New York State public spending gravy train can’t possibly let any shred of fiscal responsibility go unpunished. The mere suggestion that the blood suckers in Albany shouldn’t drain their victims quite so fast prompts them to repudiate their incumbent and replace him with another in a hereditary line of ultra-tax-and-spenders. Good thinking Dems. When you have a disaster – double down on the actions that created it. Raise taxes in the middle of a huge recession?

 This stinks. This is a bunch of thieves trying to discredit a man who is the only shred of hope in their miserable band of criminals. This is just how disgusting New York State politics is.  And it’s just how irresponsible some members of the New York media are. How can anyone read this swill? How can anyone vote for these criminals? That is, of course, unless you are on the receiving end of that gravy train.

Business and jobs to New York State: “Give me three steps towards the door”.

 Here are a few highlights of the Governor’s plan:

A billion in new taxes and fees – We need a few billion in tax CUTS not increases. This is just plain stupid.

 Over a billion in school aid cuts – yeah – this will squeeze local budgets but it’s got to be done. Bring this battle down to a local level where people have at least some ability to influence the spending directly.

 A billion in health care spending cuts – you guessed it. You either come up with $7 billion in cuts or you come up with it in higher taxes. Higher – taxes – fewer jobs. Fewer jobs – lower State revenue. There is no question you could find a billion in waste, abuse and fraud. But it won’t happen because there is no incentive in the government spending system to do so.

 Extend benefits of filing as married to gay couples married in states where it’s legal – good as far as it goes. Why don’t we treat all couples in New York at least as well as those who go out of state to get married?

 Cut agencies in the executive branch by $1 billion – Hooray! $2 billion anyone? 3?

 I have an idea. Let’s cut State spending equally, across the board by $10 billion, give $ 3 billion back to the taxpayers, pro-rata dollar for dollar.

 Crazy? Irresponsible? Can’t be done?

 How is the status quo working out for you?

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