Warren Redlich considering LP and GOP bid for NY Governor

Rich Cooper’s Ground Report blog has a great post about Warren Redlich and his potential run for Governor on the LP and GOP lines. 

Rich writes:

His candidacy was sought by two former State Chairs of theLibertarian Party, Eric Sundwall and me, who believed the Albany area lawyer can harness the energies of the RonPaul and “tea party” movements to advance liberty. Redlich has been active with both movements, serving as the Albany legal representative for the Ron Paul presidential campaign, as a Ron Paul delegate candidate and contributorto the Ron Paul campaign. He participated in some of the Tea Party rallies http://www.wredlich.com/stop-wasting-money/2009/04/yes-they-can.html  

Warren has been a candidate for Congress and was elected (GOP) to Town Board in Guilderland, NY in 2007.  As a Town Board member Warren proposed a pay cut for himself and other elected officials.  He voted for pay freezes in the 2009 and 2010 budgets. In August he stopped an eminent domain effort.

You can check out his facebook group here.

Warren is a speaker at the Manhattan Libertarian Annual Convention January 30th.  That will be a great chance to check him out.

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