Election Invalid Due To Naked Rigging in CT.

At what point does lawlessness on the part of the government invalidate their regime?  I’d say when a judge orders a candidate off the ballot due to so-called clerical errors that’s a pretty good start.

Here is what I just read form the LPNY:

BARR OFF BALLOT IN CT (from the press release): …The Libertarian Party of Connecticut properly submitted over 12,000
signatures to meet the 7,500-signature requirement of the state. The state miscounted the number of petitions submitted by the
Libertarian Party of Connecticut and improperly struck hundreds, if not
thousands of voter signatures denying Bob Barr access to the ballot. 
The administrative mistakes of the state bureaucracy were quickly

Judge Janet Hall, based her decision on the inability of the state
to quickly reprogram electronic voting machines and reprint
machine-readable ballots before the election. 
“We are outraged by the decision of Judge Hall.  To allow a
candidate for the highest national office to be unlawfully excluded
from an election because it would inconvenience state workers or
interfere with bureaucratic procedures goes beyond the pale,” stated
Russ Verney, campaign manager for Bob Barr.

First there should be a full investigation of whether these were really innocent (but stupid) errors. If not some people be land in jail. Regardless someone should lose their job.  The CT BOE should reimburse the CT LP for the cost of petitioning.

Second the machines have to be reprogrammed regardless of time or cost.

The tyrants that control your lives via their power to tax your life now realize that it doesn’t matter what you think.  They can do what they want.  You can’t get your candidates on the ballot.  You can’t get them into the debates.

You vote for term limits and they ignore you.  You tell them not to vote for bailouts and they ignore you.

What is it going to take?  Will Nov 4 , 2008 be the day that American freedom died?  If this isn’t a reason to vote for Barr in every other state what is?  If this isn’t a reason for every resident of Connecticut to walk into their legislators office and demand the voting machines be fixed, what is?

What was that somebody said about the course of human events?

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