Maloney Campaign Agrees To Bailout Town Hall Oct 29

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s campaign has agreed to participate in the Bailout Town Hall next week.  It’s yet to be determined whether the Congresswoman herself will appear or whether she will be represented by a surrogate.


While I disagree with Congresswoman Maloney’s votes for the bailout I think she deserves some credit for agreeing to participate.  She could have ignored us but she didn’t.  I think she should be commended for that.


The event is scheduled for this Wednesday October 29 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140 Seconds Ave, NYC.  You can get details here.


The Bailout is co-sponsored by a diverse group of political organizations and campaigns including: The Manhattan Libertarian Party, The NYC Green Party, The Queens Libertarian Party, the Campaign for Liberty (Ron Paul’s grass roots network). Both of Congresswoman Maloney’s opponents, Libertarian Isaiah Matos and Republican Robert Heim are co-sponsors and both will be speakers at the event.  Bill Buran who is a candidate for New York State Assembly will speak for the Campaign for Liberty.  


The Conservative and Independence Parties and the Nader campaign were also invited to participate in the event but either declined or did not respond.


This will be a truly unique opportunity to see Democrats and Republicans, Greens and Libertarians together presenting their views and answering voters’ questions on the single most important issue of the time.


The format is designed to emphasize getting facts to the voters.  In the first hour, speakers will make a short opening statement then take predetermined questions for the moderator.  The last hour will be exclusively dedicated to questions from the audience.

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