Congresswoman Maloney, Help Us Find the Bailout Facts

The Matos Campaign, the Manhattan LP along with a number of others, sent this letter to Congresswoman Maloney this morning.   


Dear Congresswoman Maloney,


On approximately October 1st your statement concerning the Bailout, titled Financial Rescue 2008, appeared on your website.  In that statement you said:

“I am angry that the American people are being asked to shoulder this burden.”

And you said,

“It is unfortunate that the debate about this rescue package has been solely characterized as a bailout for Wall Street without a full discussion of what this means for Main Street.”

We agree and we applaud your effort to point out that we know far too little, and we ask how are we to know whether this massive use of taxpayer money will actually benefit the average New Yorker.


Therefore we ask that you join us in an effort to achieve the “full discussion of what this means to Main Street” that you point out is missing. We ask that you use the full resources of your office to ensure that your constituents hear this full discussion in an open public forum and that these efforts begin in a substantial way before Election Day November 4.


We propose a minimum of two town hall style events prior to Election Day including speakers supporting the bailout and speakers opposing the bailout.  


We believe that “full discussion of what this means to Main Street” was not achieved at least in part because Main Street had little or no participation in the decision.  For this reason we believe it is imperative to include the widest possible range of opinions consistent with an orderly discussion.  Therefore speakers should include representatives of businesses from Main Street and Wall Street, homeowners and taxpayers, incumbent elected officials and candidates including representatives of any party that has achieved 2008 ballot access in New York City.


The citizens of New York deserve a “full discussion of what this means to Main Street”.  Will you help us achieve it?




Isaiah Matos, Candidate for U.S. Congress NY 14th District (Lbt)

Bill Buran, Candidate for NY State Assembly 72nd District (R,C,I)

Ron Moore, Chair, Manhattan Libertarian Party

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