Manhattan Libertarians Select Their Standard-Bearers for 2008

The Manhattan Libertarian Party held its nominating convention last night to select its 2008 candidates. There’s one race in particular that everyone wants to know about: As the New York Times reported this morning, we selected a surprising candidate for the 13th Congressional District on Staten Island:

The Libertarian Party selected Susan Overeem on Monday night as the nominee for the Congressional seat being vacated by Representative Vito J. Fossella of Staten Island. She had nearly three times as many votes as the other Libertarian candidate, Francis M. Powers, the son of the Republican Party candidate, Francis H. Powers.

Ms. Overeem, who recently stepped down from her job as a receptionist for radio station WABC, received 17 votes from officials of the Manhattan chapter of the party. The Manhattan chapter selects candidates for offices throughout the city. Mr. Powers received six votes.

Despite the lopsided vote, I think it was a very hard choice for our members. Fran made an excellent case for himself, and in Susan’s absence, he would have easily received the nomination. It’s a credit to Fran’s character and his passion for liberty that he has committed to supporting Susan’s campaign and building a Libertarian Party organization on Staten Island.

We also endorsed Isaiah Matos to challenge Carolyn Maloney for the 14th congressional district, Bill Buran for the 72nd Assembly District against Adriano Espaillat, and Nic Leobold for the 66th Assembly District against Deborah Glick.

UPDATE: The Staten Island Advance has a nice story about Susan Overeem, and the Advance’s polit.bureau blog continues it’s non-stop coverage of the race with comments from Fran that he’s not too upset about the results.

5 thoughts on “Manhattan Libertarians Select Their Standard-Bearers for 2008”

  1. I understand that Fran Powers isn’t contesting the nomination. Is it still open, at least technically, for someone else to do so?

    In other words, the part I don’t understand is that the major parties always have the possibility of a primary fight. The Staten Island Democratic Party backed McMahon for NY-13, but Harrison is maintaining his challenge to the party leaders’ decision. By contrast, your posting and the Times article seem to assume that Overeem’s qualification for the ballot is a done deal. If Powers wanted to, could he fight on?

    Thanks for any light you can shed.

  2. We had a primary, every member of the Manhattan Libertarian Party who showed up voted between Overeem and Powers. Overeem received more votes. Contrary to popular belief, 23 votes is our entire membership, not a group of higher-ups.

  3. Although it is true that all Manhattan Libertarian Party members were eligible to vote — not just a group of higher-ups — 23 votes is not our entire membership. According to Secretary/Treasurer Mark Axinn, we have 44 dues-paying members for 2008. In addition to the 17 votes for Overeem and 6 for Powers, I believe there were 2 votes for None Of The Above.

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