3 Seconds to Stop the Mandatory Vaccine Bill

As we previously reported, there is an insidious new mandatory vaccine bill that is being fast-tracked through the state legislature. I just received the following action alert from my lovely and talented wife Dawn:

There is also another option – they are taking a poll by phone.
All it takes is two 3 second phone calls:
Governor David Paterson 518-474-8390
-Speaker Sheldon Silver 518-455-3791
I am just putting this out there in case someone is interested. I
made these phone calls and they each take 3 seconds. You just call
and say “I am calling to oppose the VACCINE BILL, ASSEMBLY BILL
10942”, they take your zip code and you are done.
Please remember that this bill will make flu shots mandatory for ALL
children up to age 18 EVERY year.
Please remember that this bill will make EVERY teenage girl in New
York State receive a papilloma virus vaccine.
I can confirm that the calls literally take 3 seconds each. So get on the phone now!

3 thoughts on “3 Seconds to Stop the Mandatory Vaccine Bill”

  1. That’s odd about the phone numbers. The numbers should be 518-474-8390 (Paterson) and 518-455-3791 (Silver).

    Tracy, the bill does not appear to have been voted on yet. I’ll post something as soon as I receive any updates.

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