He’s the NRA?


Okay, who’s the wise-guy who sent Mike Bloomberg a gift membership to the National Rifle Association?

Mayor Bloomberg, who is leading a national crusade against illegal guns, said Wednesday he’s a member of the National Rifle Association – well, sort of.

“They gave me a gift membership to the NRA. You can’t make this up. It arrived four weeks ago,” Bloomberg told a group of mayors and police gathered at a gun summit in Baltimore Wednesday.

“I’m just waiting for them to survey their membership,” said Bloomberg, who vowed to give his powerful rivals an earful on gun violence.

The NRA has publicly attacked Bloomberg for pushing the federal government to make more gun-tracing information available and for suing gun stores known for selling firearms used in city crimes.

The association’s magazine last April featured a cartoon of Bloomberg as a giant octopus on its cover with a headline that blared “Tentacles!”

The article said the big city mayor was extending “his reach, and his illegal anti-gun tactics, across America.”

The one-year membership was given anonymously, but a spokesman for the mayor said Bloomberg planned to keep it.

It was unclear if the gift was a gag.

I have to admit, I’m jealous that I didn’t think of this prank sooner. But I don’t suppose there’s any chance he’ll actually read his subscription to 1st Freedom.

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