Draft Bob Barr for President

I have started an online petition urging former Congressman Bob Barr to run for President on the Libertarian line, or at least to accept nomination if drafted at the Libertarian National Convention in May.

Bob Barr, in my opinion, represents our best hope for continuing the Ron Paul Revolution on a national level. There are several outstanding Ron Paul Republicans (and Libertarians) running for Congress and Senate, which is fantastic, but nothing captures the public’s or the media’s attention like a presidential campaign.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul has made it clear “there will be no 3rd party run,” and it’s equally clear that he will not receive the Republican Party’s nomination. As for the currently declared candidates for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President, I respect and like several of them as nice people and good Libertarians, but I’d be lying if I said I could get excited about any of them as the nominee.

Bob Barr could generate that excitement. He appeals to both Libertarians (his current party) and Republicans (his former party). He’s huge on civil liberties and privacy, very strong on guns — heck, he’s even gotten good on ending the drug war, which is nothing short of miraculous. As a bonus, he helped lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Who wouldn’t pay good money to see Barr and Hillary share a debate stage?

In fact, there is already a lot of buzz on the Internet about the idea of a Bob Barr presidential campaign. The Revolutionaries are ready. Now all we need to do is convince Bob Barr.

Here is a video of Bob Barr introducing Ron Paul last week at CPAC. Ask yourself if he isn’t the logical choice — the only choice — to take the baton from Dr. Paul. Then go and sign the petition.

Update: It was just pointed out to me that I misspelled PRESIDENT at the top of the petition. %$#@!!! I blame Al Gore, since he invented the Internet. Seriously, I just sent an email to PetitionOnline.com tech support to see if it’s possible to fix it or remove it and start over.

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